The Ever Distorting (2013)

by The Last March of the Ents

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All Music and Lyrics by The Last March of the Ents
Vocals - Ian Smith
Vocals/Guitar - Craig Burch
Guitar - Kyle Huskey
Bass - Bobby Brown
Drums- Andrew Beach
Drums - Andrew Beach


released July 4, 2013

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered @ Resurgent Recordings.
Artwork by Stephen Clark



all rights reserved


The Last March of the Ents Phoenix, Arizona

Hardcore / Doom / Punk.
Phoenix, AZ.
2010-2016 RIP

Torn Flesh Records. (US)
Enjoyment Records. (UK)

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Track Name: The Great Confinement (dawn)
I humbly ask that you break into me so you can see

This place inside my mind

I've let it fester for far too long
And I've lost control
Tearing away at my brain

I've lost my grip on reality

Disowned they scale the walls 
I hold
; they break

His mind takes no prisoners but himself
But he isn’t lost, he accepts

He isn’t trapped, he searches
But I can't help wonder if he regrets

I regret hiding out in my head

I can't hang on for too long
I'm severely depressed

The alcohol is all gone
If you feel the same then drown with me, drink with me

We're all just brainwashed kids; we're all in pain
Track Name: Glory of It
Break the lines

I know what you feel inside

I can take the pain

To the fallen, I cant speak soft 
without your severed tongues
Speak soft

Everything you found in love

Brought back from a night out with cancer
You need to keep yourself on a leash
 because if the dogs could eat
They would feed on your grief
 and bask in its glory

Heed my warning

Everything we love holding onto is falling free
 and you can't catch it 
Everything is falling free
; everything is breaking at my feet

Loose profits bring us down

I can't take it, I'm letting go
Track Name: Ruler of Crows
Take a side, 
I've drawn the line

It's time to find out what's inside

So much has been lost in context 
and I'm afraid I've lost my patience 
Giving in to your beliefs has made me see what I don’t need
I'm holding back what I can see

Lost in thought through the trees

I've been running from the sound of giving in 
and I've lost my grip
I've lost my touch
I'm wearing thin

Spinning in circles; lost in the times
I cant remember what I'm trying to find 
and all that I need is to be set free 
From the grasp that haunts me

Free from the ever distorting

These hands feel no rest, these eyes get no sleep

Life is earned, lesson learned
I am the ruler of me therefore I am free

Everything was made so cheap

Still we cant afford our needs
Track Name: Black Waters
The teeth grow and I can't find my way home

The teeth grow but I won't let you build your throne

Black waters

I speak; I speak of being left with no other options
Back to wall, nails to ground

And we cannot hope to be found

I cant breath, your ill mannered intentions are suffocating me

Cut me right open, down to the bone
Use up my insides to build up your throne
Your progress was made with my blood

You speak of black waters and drowning the horses
Infecting the weak; creating disorder

You destroy what I have built

You destroy and I rebuild

Look at my hands, they're bloodied by labor
 and what do I have?
No faith in good nature

You destroy what I have built
You destroy and I rebuild

I won't be your pig
Track Name: The Big Empty (dusk)
Take your time
I cannot walk down this road its abandoned
Hold your feet

Everything I see is so beyond me

Running around with my head on the ground 
and your knife in my back

Did you think I'd forget?

Silence calls, I hear it's horns

Head to the mountain I call home
At the mouth of the mountain I dwell and think


Lead, don’t be afraid of penalty
Lead, don’t be afraid, I know what's safe

Lead, don’t be afraid